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ALPHA Audiology Hearing Aids

ALPHA Audiology Hearing Aids is unsurpassed in a 250-mile radius for all Hearing Health needs. Their 3500 pound ANSI Certified Sound Room is one of the very few in the region. Wholly independent, no one has access to more software or parts from the finest manufacturers. The newest technology includes Rechargeable Aids, Bluetooth Connectivity, Remote Controls, TV Links, Phone Connectivity, Remote Mics, and more. We also carry all styles of hearing aids, including BTE, ITE, CAN, CIC, RIC, BiCROS or CROS.

ALPHA Audiology Hearing Aids

We guide You through the entire process from initial hearing testing, hearing aid selection, hearing aid fitting, and future adjustments as Your hearing changes. On-premises we repair hearing aids more than 95% of the time. Did You get it wet? Have a cracked tube? Jammed battery door? Broken RIC wire? We can handle it.

Visitors often just need our Clean & Checks or instruction. We also carry hearing aid supplies! Need reprogramming, adjustment, batteries by the pack or box, wax traps? We have it.

ALPHA Audiology offers Full Diagnostic Testing, Speech Discrimination, Tympanometry, OAE, ABR, SPRINT, HINT, BAER, APD, more. We are frequently consulted in regards to Tinnitus, Meniere's, Sudden Hearing Loss, Otosclerosis, Hyperacusis, Acoustic Neuromas, Ototoxicity Drug-Chemical Exposure and other concerns affecting Hearing. Our company is used by many OSHA-Work Employment Organizations for Initial Baselines and Annual Monitoring of Hearing Changes due to noisy environments.

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Looking for hearing aid service? A certified audiologist? Need a hearing test? We have it all! Check us out today!