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           The Taylors, owners

    Yearly:  26.7 MILLION Visitors, Locals come to Panama City Beach

    For Total Needs in Hearing Aids.  Convenient, Affordable Open M-Thu 8-5


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  Audiologist                                                                                                                                    Practice Manager

  Dr. Anne Marie Taylor                                                                                                               T-Bob Taylor, VP

  Au.D, CCC-A, Pres.                                                                                                                       B.A., LSU-BR




   ALPHA Audiology Panama City Beach, Family-Owned, Welcomes You!

                   Unsurpassed in a 250 Mile Radius for Testing and Hearing Aid Options...

            Independent.  Call 850-588-5460.  Thousands have experienced ALPHA Audiology.


     No Referral Required Private Pay Discount:  Local, Distant, Civilian, Military Testing.

     Friendly Staff  stability:  Areas oldest.  Same name, company, owners.  On-premise service.

     Hearing Aid Leaders:    Tinnitus, invisible, noise reduction, waterproof, more options.

     Musicians & Music Lovers:  Unique Hearing Aids and Programming for Your Enjoyment.


Modern Consumers know MDs, DOs, PACs, ARNPs, ENTs are not Audiologists.

   Freedom to Choose:  Call us for direct, prompt Audiological testing.  We can provide test results 

   to You & any Practitioner or Company requested, world-wide.  No area Practitioner has a full-time

   Audiologist.   Benefit from ALPHA Audiology’s precise, ANSI calibrated equipment and answers.

ALPHA Audiology Hearing Health Services, Inc.

203-C  North Hwy 79, Panama City Beach, FL 32413      Ph:   (850) 588-5460  or  (850) 763-7707

ALPHA Audiology: A New Concept


                 ALL Ages:  Direct, Independent, Hassle-free Testing For You • (850) 588-5460

                          Extensive Experience:  Precise Testing & Fitting for Traditional & Unique Needs.

                 Direct from Manufacturer Hearing Aids  …  Affordable Diagnostics


        203-C  North Hwy 79, Panama City Beach, FL   32413


                 Two Blocks North of U.S. Highway 98.           Call  850-588-5460

Americans are DEMANDING Audiologists



ALPHA Audiology:  An Audiological leader focusing on Certified Audiological Tests & Affordable Hearing Aids.  Before buying anywhere allow our Audiologist to review other tests with You for a small fee.  Tell a friend.  Modern Audiologists are required to earn a Doctorate of Audiology.  Be smart:  Those heavily advertised “free” (sales screenings) can affect your final purchase and easily miss a medical need.  The “specialists” are licensed with a high school diploma and limited sales courses (F.S. 484.045).  Costly ad campaigns, “free” lunches, bulk mail, etc., add to their hearing aid costs.


       Never rush into a Hearing Aid purchase.  

        Get Answers:  Avoid buying a mistake.  

StabilityALPHA Audiology opened Jan 2003 in Panama City and moved to PC Beach Feb 2013.  Convenient and affordable, we’re not a one-brand, limited franchise.   FUN:   ALPHA AUDI-TORIUM Hearing Aid Museum & Advances.   See a 1890 Ear Trumpet, Tie-Clip, Eye-Glass Hearing Aids, GIANT Ear Model.  The Future Today!


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        PCB Convenience, ANSI Sound Booth!   More Diagnostics, Hearing Aids!   ALPHA AUDI-TORIUM Display!

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